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Monsoon Sheds On Rental Services

Monsoon Sheds On Rental Services

Description: Mahavir Tarpaulins specializes in Monsoon Sheds On Rental Services, offering traditional wooden structures known as Tarpaulin sheds. Ideal for small storage, loading/unloading bays, terrace sheds, and small workshops, our temporary structures provide reliable protection during monsoons. Elevate your storage solutions with Mahavir Tarpaulins' quality and expertise.

Structure: basic structure is made from wooden bullies, roof & side structure made with bamboos & coir ropes, then it covered with waterproof HDPE Tarpaulins, for extra safety black plastic is used on tarpaulins.

  • Height: 4 to 5 meters on lower side & 7 to 8 meters in centre
  • width: 10 meters to 40 meters
  • length: 20 meters to 100 meters

Intermediate pillars in grid 5 to 6 meters in horizontal and vertically.

  • Period: Hiring period 4 to 12 months.
  • Specialty: erection can be done on any surface, flexible in size, very economical.
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